TALASARI: is an Adivasi Tribal area situated in the Northeast region of Maharashtra on the border of Gujarat. The Varli tribal society is based on kinship and mutual help. Fr. Ramon Nubiola, S.J. had a great desire to have a group of sisters to work among the Varlis of Talasari especially to uplift the women. The community of 4 sisters from Zaroli was transferred to Talasari who came by bollock cart on 17th  November  1950. This community is situated in Vadoli, Talasari Dt. Palghar, Maharashtra 401606. The Sisters opened a dispensary in January 1953. The community carries out the following works catering to the poorest of the poor – General Health care, Care of Leprosy patients, Welfare schemes for tribals. 

Dayanand Hospital, Leprosy Clinic, Boarding for tribals, Socio-pastoral work, School of Nursing and Village Health outreach programmes are held on regular basis. For formation and sacramental preparation, the Sisters work with the diocese and the Jesuits at various centers. Education has been a boon to the Varlis. Today there are Varli teachers, nurses, police personnel, good mothers and citizens. Health has improved and the awareness of human and Christian dignity is growing. Self-reliance is promoted.

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