St. Joseph’s Convent, Camp, Belgaum is situated near a military base in the shadow of the green Western Ghats, breathing in the cool of those mountains. The sisters arrived in Belgaum on 8th April 1891 to start a school, evangelize and look after orphans. The sisters continued their apostolate of reaching out to the poor, to the families and to the villages around Belgaum. And God blessed them. Vocations began to come in and so St. Joseph’s was established as a Formation house from1919 and remained so till 1964 when the Formation house was shifted to Mumbai. In 1921 the Orphanage was transferred to Divine Providence in Tilakwadi.

The tiny sapling planted in 1891 and nurtured by the loving, tender care of five dedicated Canossian Sisters has today blossomed into a mighty tree. The majestic tamarind tree that stands so regally, hedged between the Convent and the School, has borne silent witness to this selfless and dedicated work of the Canossian Sisters. 

During the last 2 decades of the 20th century, St. Joseph’s has experienced a tremendous all-round growth. The sisters are doing a marvelous work in the field of education, pastoral, family apostolate, social activities. The opening of the pre- university college of commerce and science was a new venture.

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