During the early sixties, the Jesuit Fathers Vinyas and Claude D’Souza both stationed at Dhule were requested by the Madhya Pradesh priests to look after some of the Bhilala Catholics who were settled in Maharashtra border. The Jesuits requested us to help them and our Sisters in Dhule began rendering help in whatever way they could. Thus began our Shirpur mission unofficially in 1964. At first coming by bus from Dhule, the Sisters visited these villages. Later they accompanied the Jesuits in their jeep. This arrangement was time consuming hence they later decided to stay at Shirpur, work in the villages and then return on weekends to Dhule, to their community. On 8th June 1968, the building at Shirpur was ready and Sisters began residing there. Activities present today -Evangelization, Socio-pastoral work, Education-Boarding for girls, pastoral care of the sick-dispensary, nursery for neighboring children. On educational fields the people are becoming more and more aware of the value of education and that also sending children to our English medium school.

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