Canossa Convent, is situated on Chalisgaon Road, Dhule, Maharashtra. Dhule is a historical city dating back to the era of Shivaji and the Moghuls. It has predominantly Hindu population and quite a big number of Muslims. It is situated between Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, north of Dhule. The Convent was opened at the request of the Parish Priest, with the consent of the Bishop of Poona. On 6th June,1960, 4 sisters arrived in Dhule and stayed in a rented house. The sisters are actively involved in the education of boys and girls, socio-pastoral apostolate conducting youth group, Sunday school, attending the parish council visiting families and hospitals. In 1968, a new Convent and School was built. In 1979 there was a bifurcation of the School. The K.G. and Primary Sections were shifted to St. Xavier’s grounds after a complete renovation of the campus had been done, with an independent community resident there. The High School remained in Chalisgaon Road with a community of its own. The alumni are proud to state that they studied in Canossa High School and go out of their way to help the Sisters in their need.

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