The source of our spirituality is the
Jesus on the Cross is the most authentic and perfect expression of
for the Father and for all humankind.

The Charism of an Institute is defined by the specific style of its spirituality; that is, the charism includes all the moments of the day: prayer, apostolate, ascetics, internal occupations etc; but all this has to be animated with the spirit of its specific spirituality.
The spirit of the Institute is a gift of God to the founder for the Institute. The specific nature of the spirituality of our Institute has been defined by the very Foundress herself in the Preface to the Rules: “It is the fulfillment of the two great precepts of Charity, according to the Spirit and in imitation of Jesus Christ Crucified”.(UR, pg. 22)

We can say that the Canossian Charism consists in:
– living out charity towards God and one’s neighbor
– looking for the glory of God and the good of one’s neighbor
– animating all our actions and works with the SPIRIT of JESUS CRUCIFIED. a spirit of charity, gentleness, meekness, and
humility, a spirit of zeal and fortitude, a most amiable, most generous and most patient spirit. (RoL Art. 6)

How can we reach this goal?
By making the ‘Canossian Contempla­tive Mode of Prayer’ our own, that is, con­templating the Crucified Lord so that His GRATUITOUS and GENEROUS LOVE might be im­printed on our hearts and animated in all our actions.


In contemplating the “GREATEST LOVE”,
we learn along with Mary, Mother of Love at the foot of the Cross,
to love God and our neighbour with a pure and virginal heart.

Mary, Mother of Love at the foot of the Cross:
– is the Foundress of the ‘Work’ of Magdalene.
– is the one in whom the love of Jesus Crucified found acceptance in its fullest form.
– is an example of maternity that is clearly apostolic .
– participates in the struggle against evil.
– developing the maternal spirit, she is ready to labour and suffer so that every man and woman may arrive at the
awareness of being a son or daughter of God.