Canossa Annexe

Due to overcrowding of pupils in Canossa Primary and High School, a new building was constructed in Pitamber Lane, Mahim, Mumbai.  It was founded on13thJune 1976.  The community caters to the Primary School – Std. I to IV & Special School for Mentally challenged. It has been growing and was recognized by the Social Welfare Department and became a Grant-in-Aid School. The social centre – Dev Kripa Mandal – sees to the following activities: Socio Pastoral Activities, Empowerment of the women, Legal Aid, Income Generating Activities, Outreach to the Remand homes, Counselling, Slum outreach programme. The Sisters serve Victoria Church Parish as there are no Religious Sisters in that area. They give catechesis to children and animate small Christian communities. They organize gospel sharing sessions, and foster the devotional life of the Parish.

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