This community belongs to the Diocese of Baroda, Gujarat State. Canossa Convent, Zaroli began its foundation on 17th May-1943 at the request of the Archbishop of Bombay, Rt. Rev. Joachim Lima S.J. The dauntless pioneers faced numerous hardships. The sisters had to walk or take the bullock cart, which was the only means of travel. The Zaroli mission closed in 1950 and later re-opened on 12th September 1959. Their activities were most pastoral, Socio-pastoral, medical, boarding for Girls, Play School, Mobile clinic once a month for the poor in remote villages. People come from very far to our Dispensary for health care. Evangelization was carried out through visits to houses and villages. Through the course of the years the Zaroli mission sown in tears, sweat, hard work, prayer and dedication has flourished.

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