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Jesus on the Cross, poor and stripped of all except the love that spurred him to such great sacrifice, fascinated St.Magdalene to a great extent, she drew her strength and energy to carry out her great task from this ‘Greatest love’ that shone upon the cross. St.Magdalene remained open to the mysterious action of the Holy Spirit who gradually molded her heart and enabled her to share in the love of the Father for mankind revealed by Jesus’ complete and supreme offering of Himself on the Cross, and by the example of Mary, the Sorrowful Virgin Mother.

Contemplative in Action is the spiritual goals by Magdalene. From her Memoirs we can define the Christian aspect of Magdalene’s spirituality. The Eucharistic piety, the centrality of the Crucified Jesus, Marian devotion (Mary under the foot of the Cross), community life, works of charity, and contemplation. Magdalene lives her apostolic ardor to its fullest, “imitating the virtues of Jesus Crucified”

She knew in her heart the importance of the Will of God: to serve the neediest persons with the heart of Christ. Charity is like a blazing fire! Magdalene opened her heart to the Holy Spirit who guided her.

The zeal of Magdalene of Canossa is to “make Jesus known so that He may be loved” This is what identifies the Canossians in the Church. It carries out the mission of evangelization in communion of faith and life, inspired by Jesus Crucified in His burning Love for His Father and for humankind.

Charity Is A Fire That Seeks To Embrace Everything.

Today, the Institute is structured as an international reality from a history that extends over two centuries, interwoven with hidden sacrifices, courageous detachments, silent offerings for the Kingdom, blooming into what it is today.

Charity is a fire that seeks to embrace everything.

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