Congratulations to the Community of St. Joseph’s Belgaum as they inaugurated the Quasquicentennial Jubilee. It is 125 years that our missionary sisters from Hong Kong landed in Belgaum. The community chronicles say “that it was on 25th February 1891 that five sisters left Hong Kong. They arrived in Belgaum on 8th April 1891 after having spent some days at Cochin. Thus, the second foundation paved its way into Camp, Belgaum a military base in the rain-shadow of the lush green western ghats breathing in the coolness of the Ghats.”
Let us thank God for these years of dedication and service and join our sisters in jubilation as they initiate various events to mark this year. Let us rekindle the zeal and passion of our pioneers who crossed boundaries and become one with us following the desire of our Foundress to make Jesus known and loved.