Stages of formation

Stages of formation

  • Aspirancy
  • Postulancy
  • Novitiate
  • Juniorate
  • On-going Formation.


Stages of Formation: Aspirancy: “Come and See” John 1:39

It is our invitation to any woman looking for growth, looking for make a difference in the world—doing this while living in the community as a Canossian Sister.

It is the stage when the aspirant, in search and attracted by the love of God, expresses her desire to begin a responsible journey in order to know God’s plan in her life, remaining open to dialogue and feedback.

In this period, she is helped to clarify her desire to answer God’s call, develop her capacity to reflect and know herself better, the history of the family and her attitudes which are essential for the life of a Canossian Daughter of Charity, Servant of the Poor.

Postulancy: “Here I am, Send me !” Is 6:8

This is a one-year period known as the postulancy. It is a transitional year from secular to religious life. As postulants, women enter into this time of transition—a time of letting go of their former way of life and of embracing a new life in religious community.

Postulants are introduced to a life of prayer, a life lived in community, a life dedicated to God and the Church, and a life steeped in the Canossian Charism.
It is the stage when the postulant is helped to nurture the human and Christian growth seen in her personal relationship with the Lord. With her formator, she evaluates the compatibility of her gift with the Canossian lifestyle with which she is introduced and gradually immersed during the period of Postulancy  to be able to make a free and conscious choice.

Novitiate: “I am going to seduce her and lead her into the desert and speak to her heart” Hosea 2:16

It is the period of integral initiation to the Canossian Religious life. Therefore, it is a special time when the Novice begins to center her existence on Jesus Crucified with Mary at the foot of the Cross. During this period, the Novice is helped to interiorize more deeply the gift of her Canossian vocation, to experience the life-style of the Institute, to shape her mind and heart according to its spirit and evaluate her real ability to live her consecration and communion in view of the mission.

Juniorate: “I will give ….a white stone with a new name written on it” Revelation 2:17

It is the period of Temporary Profession whereby the Junior Sister is called to interiorize and integrate the values she has learnt, to consolidate her own charismatic identity and prepare herself for her Final Profession. It is a time when she learns, by experience, that the love of the Crucified Jesus is greater than her human heart. She establishes with Him an intimate relationship, so that the gift of His Spirit may animate every aspect of her being.

On-Going formation: “On your Word, Lord… for ever” Luke 5:5

The years after Perpetual Profession are a time of on-going formation. It is a journey which embraces the whole of our existence and involves the whole person, heart, mind and will. It requires freedom to let oneself to be formed by life with all the challenges that it presents to the person. It is a progressive effort of self-knowledge, relationships that promote communion in community and her capacity to respond to the demands of mission.

Source: From Philipines Province Web-site