Gyan Niketan Bldg1GYAN NIKETAN is a Spirituality Centre, run by the Canossian Daughters of Charity. It is set up amidst the picturesque surroundings at Desur,15 kms from Belgaum city, enveloped by peace and tranquility. Gyan Niketan offers an ideal place for a rejuvenation of body and soul, free from the pollution and turmoil of city life. The big stretch of lawns, shady trees and landscaped gardens complement the tranquil environment.
The Spirituality Centre is open to Church groups, Catholic Organizations , Ecumenical groups, Educational enterprises and other NGO’s working for the development of the less fortunate brothers and sisters, especially for the empowerment of women.
This centre has become an Oasis where searching and wearied hearts find meaning and solace; where lonely and restless hearts experience true Peace and Joy which only God can give to every man and woman.

The Spirituality Centre Offers:
• Retreats: Individual/Groups
• Orientation/Recollection Days
• Yoga cum Etheric Impulse Nerve therepy
• Facilities for individuals and families to spend time in Prayer and Silence
• Counselling
• Residential and non- residential facilities to hold workshops, retreats,seminars, courses and other training programmes when the Centre is not in use.

Gyan Niketan buidlingFacilities:
Prayer places
Chapel – the heart of the Spirituality Centre where an atmosphere of deep peace and presence pervades.
There is yet another smaller prayer room in the residential wing of the centre.

Conference Halls
Conference Hall 1 – can accommodate up to 70 people
Conference Hall -2 can accommodate 30-40 people.
A sitting room is available for resource persons for meeting and relaxation

Dining Room
A well ventilated large dining room with seating facility for 70 participants
The Spirituality Centre has 3 blocks

1. Canossa Block- Private
2. Bakhita Block
• 15 single or double occupancy self-contained rooms
• A small prayer room
• A sitting room for resource persons
3. Fernanda Block:
• 12 single or double occupancy rooms- non bath attached
• 2 dormitories with 15 beds each

Facilities for washing and drying clothes.

For further information and correspondence
C/o St. Joseph’s Convent Camp
BELGAUM 590 001
0831- 2930.102
Cell: 094.4854.3308


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