Pastoral Care of the Sick

“ God wishes to be served by us with big hearts”.
Magdalene of Canossa

Pastoral care 2“To comfort, instruct and to assist” is the three fold action that Magdalene uses in serving the sick, a ministry she really felt enthused about even from her youth.

To ease the sufferings of the sick is not only a service but a call to love in the same way we ourselves would want to be loved. It is this style that Magdalene herself speaks of when she writes:

“ We ought to treat the sick with much gentleness, warmth and reverence”.

Pastoral care 1Integral to the Canossian mission of caring for the sick is the defence and protection of life in all its stages and befriending the most vulnerable, above all those who are neglected by family or friends.

We minister to the sick in our hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as well as working with others in public health facilities. Caring for the physical needs of the person is one aspect of this ministry. Another, equally important, is the spiritual accompaniment of the sick person and of the family. Sisters are engaged more and more in hospital chaplaincy, hospice care as well as visits to the home-bound.