Canossa: Mahim

Canossa Mahim: Our communities includes; Canossa Pre-primary, Canossa High School and Canossa Night High School

Canossa Annexe: Canossa Primary School, Canossa Special School, and Dev Kripa Mandal.

The first school was started in 1932 as a primary school, annexed to the Parish of Our Lady of Victories. It was recognized as a High School in 1946 and is under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Mumbai.

The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and service to all people. We proritize all-round development of our students and inculcating commitment to God and Country, empowering them to be women of integrity.

studentcircleCanossa High School aims primarily at the education of the Catholic community and the preservation of Catholic faith and religious practices. Preference in admission to the School will be given to Catholic children. Admission, however, is open to children of other communities without distinction of caste or creed.

In the words of our Foundress, St Magdalene, “Love is like a forest fire that sets everything ablaze.” We, at Canossa, that life is built on the power of love and strive to stoke the flames of love lit by St Magdalene. With the help of Jesus, our perfect teacher, we pray that our school be an agent of social change which will bring justice, harmony and peace, and teach our students to walk the path of truth.

Canossa Mahim Spl School

Canossa Mahim Prim

Primary School: Because of overcrowding of students in Canossa High School, a building was put up in Pitamber Lane and the Primary School and Special School were shifted to Canossa Annexe in 1976.

Pre-primary: caters to little girls, ensuring they are initiated into the art of mixing with other children, as well as learning the three R’s.

Night High School: So as to provide education for older girls who could not attend day school, the Night School was opened in 1959.

Dev_Kripa_Mandal_-_1st_Batch_of_Advanced_Beautician_CourseDev Kripa Mandal: Social Welfare Centre. Seeing that the poor were numerous and desiring to help them, Dev Kripa Mandal was opened in 1965, as a center to provde social assistance, employment and health care for women and study classes for backward and poor children.

Details of the schools:

Canossa High School, Mahim,
M.M Chotani Road,
Mahim, Mumbai- 400016.
Tel- 022-24449322 Cell- 9869406478

Canossa Pre-Primary, Mahim
Cell: 9869479533 Tel: 24449323

Canossa Night High School, Mahim
Cell: 9869408203 Tel: 24449324

Canossa Primary School
Canossa annexe
Pitamber lane
Mahim, Mumbai 400 016
Tel No: 022-2447.4910

Canossa Special School: Tel No: 022-2445.4214 Cell:         97.5712.2756

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