“…the conduct of one’s whole life normally depends upon education”.
Magdalene of Canossa

Magdalene gave great importance to school and education in her missionary endeavours. Today, as in the past, education remains a crucial and challenging ministry as a good education is essential for the total wellbeing of the person and of society.

Canossian sisters today focus their attention on educating and instructing young people from all walks of life, especially those who tend to be neglected or have less chance of education.

In the educational process, attention is also given to the formation and training of teachers so that they may be also foster within their students “the formation of the heart”, so uppermost in Magdalene’s mind.

In all of our Canossian schools there are programmes which develop and respect both cultural values and also the character-building of the students.

Co-operation and exchange between our schools in different countries and cultures, strengthen our educational commitment and offer opportunities for formation and greater collaboration among the students and teachers.

The wider scope of Canossian education include:

  • To become catalysts of change in the family and society
  • To promote the growth of the person by valuing human dignity and personal gifts
  • • To guide towards greater knowledge and self-awareness
  • • To offer skills to each one so as to be able to live a dignified life
  • • To educate a critical and responsible conscience in each person.

We promote a holistic education, especially the formation of the heart. Faithful to Magdalene’s inspiration, we help children, adolescents and youth to develop their personality according to the spirit of the Gospel. We guide them in the formation of a right conscience, a deep sense of God and the Church so that they learn to bear witness, by their way of living.