Desur Nov01Do you recognize a need to step off the treadmill for several days so that you can come to a place of rest, seek God’s presence, and come home to yourself and to God? Then this silent retreat may be just what you’re looking for.In the lap of Mother nature we were all enjoying the restful days of the month of November in the place called Gyan Niketan-Desur_ Belgaum.

The whole ambience was so pleasing and pleasant for a perfect start to deepen our intimacy with our God. The weather luring us to feel the closeness of the presence of the almighty making us  feel vibrant, energetic to yield our Spirit to open up in utter honesty, sincerity before the Lord of the universe.

The silence around the place created a space for a deeper encounter with ourselves and with God. We enjoyed the space to walk out in nature and for creative expression, which were both highly useful activities for our connection with God and self.

Silence opened a gateway to our souls. As we enter silence, space is opened up to become (re)acquainted with our true selves. During this retreat we put God’s Word central, drawing richly from the Ignatian tradition of imaginative contemplation. The silence is  filled up with God’s presence and love, and this offered the opportunity to enrich our lives and deepened our faith.

Personal prayer, which is at the core of the practice of Ignatian Spirituality, Sisters discovered their own  personal language of communicating with God, learning his voice and finding his marks in their own lives. The aim of personal prayer is to experience and come to know God really present, and to learn to cooperate with the Spirit powerfully at work in our daily life.

Near restful waters he led us, each day to revive our drooping Spirits, deepening our convictions and the understanding that we are made, in His likeness, whole, complete and perfect. Day by day the mysterious features of self was unfolding before each one of us opening up our petals slowly and gracefully booming and blossoming stately into a beautiful flower in the garden of the Lord. Each one with its beauty so rare and so unique.

We feel so blessed as to have been given the opportunity to finally find Our Lord, and to have been armed with the tools to go out into the world and continue growing in our Faith.

We ask the good Lord to fill each one of us with the knowledge of will, with all wisdom and understanding that His Spirit gives us(Col 1:9)