The Provincial Council and the Sisters of the Province have been discerning for the last three years regarding the closure of our Kannada Medium School at Belgaum.
After  prayerful reflections and consultation from every community of the Province, Twenty-five out of the twenty-six Communities were in favour of closing the School. Several alternative suggestions were offered for the use of the premises in the event of the closing down of the School.
A further consultation was done at the Applicative Provincial Chapter held on the 4th -11th August, 2014 and accordingly the matter for closure was placed in the Agenda Section of the Statutes of the Province.
At the Post-Chapter Superiors’ Meeting on 22nd October 2014, an open Consultation was held and the Superiors reiterated their stand for the closure of the Kannada School. It was felt that the same premises could be used for the socio-pastoral needs of the Poor of the area. Sr.Maggie Mathew and the Council thus communicated to the Sisters that, the process of closure for the Kannada School will commence soon. The practical aspects of the closure will be discerned in the community with due attention to the civil requirements and regulations.