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The Institute of the Canossian Daughters of Charity springs from the ardent heart of St. Magdalene of Canossa – Foundress and Mother of the Institute.

The Life of St. Magdalene of Canossa can be summed up in two virtues:
A Charity that never tires of reaching out to the lowliest to share with them not only the riches of Life, but the well-being of Life itself. Hers was a life spent in Love, purified by sorrow, consumed by the Passion for souls.

Magdalene was the Jewel, the precious stone mentioned in the Gospel. From her very first years the Lord chose to chisel her preparing her for great things ahead. Born of a rich family, with immense opportunities for self-fulfillment and achievement in this world, she chose to spend her life for Jesus Christ and His Poor. From her infancy the “chiseling” began.

At the age of five, she lost her father through a premature death. At seven, her mother left her children, having chosen to remarry . Then at the age of fourteen, came a prolonged illness, probably due to the heavy stress and strain.

Though she experienced the call to virginity and charity, as an adolescent, she had to wait for many years before she could leave her family and realize her vocation. Saint Magdalene started the Institute for the Daughters of Charity in the year 1808 and in 1831 the Sons of Charity were born. The march began in earnest, burning with Love for God and for the poorest of the poor.

She died on 10th April 1835. She was canonized a Saint on 2nd October,1988 by Pope John Paul II.